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I have been waiting for a good day to talk about Craftsman style and today seems about right. Craftsman or Arts & Crafts is my absolute favorite home style and is my dream house!

The Craftsman movement started in Great Britain in the 1840s. The philosophy of the movement was to support honest craftsmanship, natural materials, and simple and pure design. Overall, these things were supposed to create a foundation for a good family life. Because of the rapid growth and movement that came along with the Industrial Revolution, architects were trying to provide a comfortable and laid back lifestyle. The main spokesmen and contributors of the movement were Augustus Pugin, John Ruskin, and William Morris.

The Arts & Crafts movement swept across the United States from 1905 to 1930. Craftsman style homes popped up everywhere across the country. This architecture tends to be more popular in middle class neighborhoods. Designers that carried the style and made it blossom even more in America were Greene and Greene.


The features that set Craftsman style apart from other styles are:

  • one to one and a half stories
  • a low pitched roof
  • wide eaves with triangular brackets
  • thick square columns on the porch
  • stone accents
  • exposed roof rafters
  • natural exterior materials – stone, shingles, wood, etc.
  • chunky window trim
  • top story usually has dormer windows




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