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Yesterday we talked about Cape Cod style homes so I thought it would be appropriate to continue with the Cape Cod style…but take it inside! There are a lot of Cape Cod features of interior design and architecture that are specific to this style.


Colors: Paint colors used in Cape Cod interior designs reflect elements of the beach and ocean. They include light blues, greens, and beiges. Many paint companies even offer “Cape Cod” collections that make it easy for anyone to get this look. Accent and molding colors are usually white. In rooms like the first picture below, there is a white washed wood beam ceiling. This makes the room feel even brighter and more open like the beach air.

Hardwoods: The traditional flooring for a Cape Cod style home is usually hardwood. I think that any darkness of wood works for this style, except red shades. Also, furniture should have a wood frame to keep with the natural theme of the room or house.

Fabrics: Lightweight fabrics will help sunlight flow into the room and not block it out. Also, prints should have shells or other nautical themes with faded colors; nothing too bold.


In yesterday’s post, I discussed how the top level of Cape Cod homes was used to board seafarers. Because of the limited access to the upper floor, most Cape Cod houses were build with Captain’s stairs. These are extremely narrow and steep.


Cape Cod interior style



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