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Does anyone not like Tudor style?  So much character and grandeur! They can be found all over the country and usually in the form of gorgeous mansions. In fact, the middle picture below is one of my favorites on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.

Tudor Revival style is inspired by the Tudor Dynasty from England during the late 15th and early 16th centuries. The Tudor Revival style has been popular in the United States since the late 1800s. In Medieval England, there were many cottages and manor houses with this style. Main features of Tudor Revival style include:

  • decorative half-timbering
  • a steeply pitched roof
  • tall, narrow windows
  • at least two stories
  • usually asymmetrical
  • large, decorative chimneys
  • Tudor arch over front door

Perhaps the most recognizable feature is the half-timbering. In most cases, the timber is dark and surrounded by light colored stucco. The top story is sometimes jetties out over the bottom story creating a porch or pillared area. The front door will likely have an arch above it that is curved at the sides but comes to a point at the center; this is called a Tudor or four-centered arch. The windows will be tall and prevalent with square or diamond-shaped panes to give extra detail.

Current builders wishing to create the Tudor Revival look usually will create a house with any type of architecture and simply add decorative half-timbering on the exterior. Also, to avoid the maintenance of the timbering, builders will use PVC that is simply painted a dark brown.


Tudor Revival



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