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Way Up in the Trees

Since today is Saturday, I decided to talk about a type of house that is a little different than what I usually describe…Tree houses!

Most of us had one or at least really wanted one when we were kids. Now that we’re grown up, tree houses don’t even cross our mind. Luckily, there are some adventurous people who never grew up and built tree house resorts that we can go experience for a few nights.

In some remote forest areas, tree houses are very practical and eco-friendly residences. They do not require land clearing in order to build and in   close-canopy forests, human habitation is extremely difficult on the ground level. Eco-friendly features can include solar water heating, composting toilets, and rainwater harvesting systems.

There are multiple ways of constructing the support system for tree houses. Stilts allow none or very little of the weight of the house to be put on the tree, but is only suitable if the tree is in close proximity to the ground. Friction and tension fasteners require nuts and bolts to be screwed into the tree and therefore could cause long term harm, so it is a challenge to make the least amount of holes possible. And finally, suspension connections include ropes and cables that allow the house to hang and sometimes make it difficult to gain access to the tree house.

Private Tree Houses

The first two pictures are of tree houses that were build on private land for recreational use. The third picture is the main residence of a tree house fanatic.


Tree House Resorts

The first picture is one of three tree house spheres available for rent at Free Spirit Spheres near Vancouver, Canada. The second picture is a Cedar Creek Treehouse at Mount Rainier and is available for rent. The third picture is a Canopy Treehouse at a luxury resort near Cairns, Australia and is also available for rent.



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