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Cape Cod style is definitely in my top three favorite house styles.

They originated in Colonial New England in the 17th century and were built to withstand the harsh weather of the Massachusetts coast. They are very simple and do not have very many embellishments; Colonists had very few resources and shipments of building supplies, like large panes of glass, were very expensive from England. In order to keep the interior rooms warm during the winters, they were built with cedar shingle siding, fairly low ceilings, and large chimneys. The name “Cape Cod” house was actually coined by Reverend Timothy Dwight IV of Yale University after he visited the Massachusetts coast in 1800.


The main features that set the Cape Cod style apart are:

  • one or one and a half stories
  • shingle or clapboard siding on exterior, usually unpainted
  • centered front door
  • front door paint color matches shutters
  • a steep roof
  • usually dormer windows on roof
  • multi-paned, double hung windows
Modern versions of Cape Cod homes have a few differences from the tradition style. Families have started to remodel the attic and create finished bedrooms. Also, the shutters are purely decorative, chimneys are no longer in the center of the house, and additions or garages are attached at either end.


Cape Cod Style


Not only are there specific exterior features of Cape Cod style, but there are many interior features of Cape Cod style.


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